Amazing Oil Paintings by Damian Loeb



Here is a new series of oil paintings made by talented New-York based artist Damian Loeb, previously featured here. With an impressive hyperrealistic style made out of vibrant golden and blue lights, he depicts very sensual portraits of women as well as spectacular skylines and nebula.


Eminence BreakSay Hello To The Angels

     The Great Rift

The Great Rift 72x72in Oil on Linen 


Atmosphere 36x36in Oil on Linen 

Venus Transit

Venus in Transit  36x36in Oil on Linen 

Ghosts I-IV

Ghosts I-IV 36x36in Oil on Linen 


Cygnus 2015 36x36in Oil on Linen

Welcome To Paradise

Welcome To Paradise 48x48in Oil on Linen

Eminence Break

Eminence Break 72x72in Oil on Linen

Say Hello To The Angels

Say Hello To The Angels 48x48in Oil on Linen


Fulwell 48x48in Oil on Linen 





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–- Daniella
January 11, 2016